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Our Process

BROKEN HOMME proudly manufactures all of its leather designs in our own family-owned factory. It was our desire for quality and durability that led us to make the decision and having our own factory has allowed for constant quality control and creative ability during the production process.

Goodyear Welt Construction

The Goodyear welt is traditionally used because it creates a more comfortable, durable, and sustainable shoe. In this process, a strip of leather, known as the welt, is sewn to the edge of the upper and midsole. Before adding the outsole to complete the shoe, the cavity between the outsole and midsole is filled with leather shavings and cork (a highly sustainable resource). This cork and leather layer serves as a cushion that has ultimate breathability and cradles your foot which eventually molds to you and creates a custom footbed for you over time. When the sole is eventually worn out, the welt may be taken apart and the new sole can be attached back to the welt without altering the imprinted leather and cork midsole. This allows for repairing versus replacing your favorite worn in pair of shoes, encouraging sustainability.


BROKEN HOMME boots are all built using only the highest quality leathers from multiple tanneries. Our leathers are usually 2mm in thickness, ensuring lasting durability while maintaining the shape of the boot for years to come. We will continue to work with these tanneries to offer uniquely dyed and treated leather, as well as suede for upcoming collections.


All quality leather shoes and boots are built around a foot-shaped model known as a “last,” which gives a boot its fit characteristics and shape. The quality of the lasting process, and the time that each leather upper spends on the last, is crucial in giving all our BROKEN HOMME boots their unique shape and fit.


Vibram is the world leader in high performance rubber soles, targeted to just about every major footwear market. For more than 70 years, the famous yellow octagon that identifies the VIBRAM brand has been synonymous with quality, performance, safety, innovation and design. We use all Vibram outsoles manufactured in the United States from their factory in Brookfield, Massachusetts.