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Our Philosophy

“Quality is victimless” - This ethos remains at the core of everything we do. By seeking out the highest quality raw materials, using the hand of a skilled craftsman, and never cutting corners in the boot making process, we are able to deliver the highest of quality in all of our BROKEN HOMME products.


Designed in the United States and made in our factory in Mexico, our footwear collection offers unparalleled quality in fit and design because we believe in the quality and handcrafted process of local manufacturing. Although it isn’t always easy, we make the commitment to keeping the boot-making craft alive and strive to continue to pass our knowledge along to the next generation. Aside from leather boots, we also produce t-shirts, leather belts, accessories and more.


We pride ourselves in sticking to the tried and true techniques of cobbler craftsmanship, and most of our work is done with machinery that lives on from the early ages of welted boots. We also implement quality control at every step and with every boot that passes through our factory, to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship and quality that we can pass on to you.


We believe in working with the best raw materials for the job and we constantly put our materials to the test for both durability and comfort. Working with our tannery, trim, and outsole partners that carry this same dedication to quality is an important part of the BROKEN HOMME process.


Our design philosophy revolves around combining contemporary aesthetics with classic silhouettes. We pay homage to traditional boot making techniques while striving to source the highest quality leathers and materials that are both environmentally and human friendly.