Suicide Machine Co

“The first bike I built was actually at 13, i traded my bmx and 20 bucks for a basket case mini bike, the ones with the lawn mower engine. Slapped that thing together in a few days and i was set.  I had my first “motorcycle”. Total now i’ve completed 7 full builds, ground up type stuff. 3 Bsa’s, 2 old Ironheads, and 2 bikes powered by newer harley platforms. But in between those ive worked on a bunch of other bikes, mainly harleys, hardtailing, making sissy bars, gas tanks, handlebars and things like that. I’d have to say my dad’s been my biggest inspiration so far. He was always working on cars and trucks and would build things for my brother and me to play with and i liked the idea of being able to create whatever you want. I’d like to be known for clean looking performance motorcycles. Being able to go fast and look good doing it. Not over the top flashy stuff, more of the type of bike that you need to get up close to appreciate all the small things that come toegther to make it a performance bike. With Suicide Machine Co. I want to continue to build and work on motorcycles and see where it goes from there. Im not out to shove my name or my work down peoples throats, I’d rather let it speak for itself and let the work get recognized on its own. It only takes an idea and some hardwork to get it done.” – Shaun