“After I graduated high school in 1988, I moved to the beach and got a job working in the warehouse at Quiksilver. Over the next couple of years, I went from the warehouse to the art department, and then into the design dept. Around ’92 I left Quik and took up with some new friends to get the brand Volcom off the ground. I worked at Volcom as design and art director for about 15 years and left in 2006. I laid low for a few years, worked on an avocado grove I owned with some family at the time, and did some freelance design art projects here and there. Then my friend Danny called and asked if I’d like to stop fooling around and turn Stormy Monday into a proper brand. Stormy Monday was conceived during a trip to Portland in late 2006. With the underlying ethos of “Recycle, repurpose, reuse,” Stormy Monday was born. And here we are.” -Neil